Eighth Grade - Mrs. Mares

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Hello from 8th Grade and Junior High ELA,


We have moved through the school year with a fierce momentum. Upon returning from Retreat at Camp Stevens, Eighth Grade traveled in depth through the culture of India. We immersed ourselves in the cuisine, art, music, literature, and clothing of this beautiful region and shared all we had learned with the school in the multi-cultural workstations the we created. We have shared many lasting memories with our buddies – Mary’s Birthday, Pumpkin Patch, and The Grinch. We have put our acting and singing talents to good use through the Christmas program and have been honing our presentation skills as the Schoolwide Learning Expectations Mastery Presentations approach.


In the Seventh and Eighth Grade Literature classes, we delved into fictional literature and explored characters’ identities and transformations and related those concepts to our own experiences and development. We then explored informational texts and current events looking at the triumph of the human spirit in terms of hope and survival.


Language Arts classes have been rooted in vocabulary and grammar with focus on Greek and Latin word parts, sentence structure, and verb voice and mood. This has helped tremendously as we have written our informative and narrative papers. We even learned about the art of persuasion and took on a persuasive essay and presentation through the eyes of well-known characters.


As we progress through the year, there are many units to still be studied. Eighth Grade Literature will look at fictional and non-fictional characters/people who have endured tragedy. This will culminate with our fieldtrip to the Museum of Tolerance. It is then when we will truly feel the call to action to seek both truth and justice. Seventh Grade Literature will put what we read into practice when we begin our Random Acts of Kindness Unit. Later, we will attempt to answer the question, “What does it take to succeed?”, when we concentrate on individuals who have overcome adversity. There are Socratic fishbowls and World Cafes in our future. We may even participate in a visual thinking Tug-of-War between the two grades.


In both levels of Language Arts, the focus will be on gathering information and writing formal research papers. These will be based on questions that develop from our literature units and stem from the depth and complexity concepts that drive the curriculum.


Eighth Grade Homeroom will continue to use our God given talents to lead the school in different capacities. There are prayer services to write, sixty years of a faith filled school to celebrate, and a positive legacy of the Class of 2018 to impart.


As you can see, the energy level is high. We are focused and poised with God, our Father, at the center of all we do.




Mrs. Mares